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Good Credit Bank 50 thousand USD Consumer Loan and Sample Payment Plan

One of the banks that consumers who want to use consumer loans with low-interest rates can benefit is Good Credit Bank. It is possible that Good Credit’s consumer loan product, which always offers advantageous and favorable loan offers to consumers, is allocated at an interest rate of 1.12% and repaid with a maturity of 60 months.

Consumers who want to take advantage of this loan product, which is offered with an interest rate well below the market average, must meet the necessary conditions and follow the application procedures.

Good Credit Bank 50 thousand USD Demand Loan Calculation

Good Credit Bank 50 thousand USD Demand Loan Calculation

Good Credit receives a 0.5% financing allocation fee for the 50 thousand USD loan application and requests insurance. The relevant costs will not be included in the calculation below since the insurance allocation fee does not vary, so insurance premiums will be subject to significant differences from person to person.

Payment to be made upon application for a loan of 50 thousand USD:

  • 4629 USD per month for a 12-month term, a total of 55.804 USD,
  • For 24 months maturity, 2542 USD each month, 61.260 USD in total,
  • 1855 USD each month for a 36-month maturity, 67.037 USD in total,
  • For a 48-month maturity, he must pay 1518 USD per month and a total of 73.129 USD.

Good Credit Bank Credit Application Conditions

Good Credit Bank Credit Application Conditions

A loan application for 50 thousand USD will require the showing of various guarantees. In this context, it may be requested to carry out application procedures such as income certificate, goods guarantee or mortgage. The conditions to be met in general are as follows:

  • Being over the age of 18,
  • C. being a citizen,
  • Having a high credit score,
  • Having enough income to pay the loan installments,
  • Regular income can be documented,
  • Being active insured for at least 3 months,
  • Having paid an insurance premium for at least 1 year.

As mentioned above, various guarantees may be requested in addition to meeting these conditions, but it is possible to realize direct allocation without any guarantee due to the exceptionally high income and credit rating.

Using housing mortgage loans, discounted interest rates, being exempt from various taxes, etc. Consumers are willing to submit a document showing that the consent of the spouse is obtained.

Good Credit Loan Application

Good Credit Loan Application

Consumers who want to apply for a loan to Good Credit must go to the nearest Good Credit branch with their identity card, income document, and residence. Loan applications from the branch will be evaluated and concluded in a very short time.

Consumers who receive a positive response to the loan application must go to the branch again for loan allocation.

The loan application made online is a pre-application. If the loan application made online is responded positively, it is possible to make the loan allocation by going directly to the branch.

Within the scope of consumer loan campaigns organized on a periodic basis, Good Credit also makes it possible to send a loan application via a text message. These applications are also in pre-application status and a branch must be visited for allocation.

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