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Credit Card Advantages (No Dues, Interest Installments, etc.)

Good Finance.com, the digital banking initiative of Good Credit, has been successfully operating for years. The expected day has come for Good Finance.com customers, who recently shared social media about the high demand for credit cards and announced that they will be able to apply for credit cards to their customers very soon. Good Finance started to serve its customers with a highly advantageous credit card product.

Thanks to Good Finance credit card, it becomes possible to credit the desired shopping within the limits provided to the customer and to pay on the date of the account. In addition, there is no need to pay dues or card fees due to the use of credit cards.

Good Finance Credit Card Advantages


Good Finance digital banking application has advantages that can be listed in pages by itself. Good Finance credit card, which was introduced to the market recently, has many advantages in accordance with its banking approach.

Good Finance.com customers never pay dues for Good Finance credit card use. The credit card, which can be obtained free of charge, is also included in the credit card usage contract, where no card fees will be charged for life.

In addition to not receiving dues payments, Good Finance customers who use regular credit cards are given 100 USD annually for 2 years. Good Finance credit card users do not pay dues, they receive dues.

In case there is no shopping ban on shopping up to 1000 USD with Good Finance credit card, it is possible to install interest-free or commission-free installments through Good Finance.com.

Free participation can be provided for dozens of campaigns specially designed for Good Finance credit card.

com credit card is Platinum Mastercard enabled. In this context, in addition to the advantages offered by Good Finance, it is possible to participate free of charge in the campaigns organized by Mastercard.

It is not necessary to go to the branch to get a Good Finance credit card

It is not necessary to go to the branch to get a Good Finance credit card

Based on the credit card application made over the internet, delivery is made within a very short time by cargo.

Students can also have Good Finance credit cards. Students who wish to obtain the Good Finance credit card, which is one of the rare products prepared for students, should send a photo of the student ID to Good Finance.com authorities.

In addition to the credit card feature, it is possible to use the cash advance feature. Customers can withdraw cash from their accounts within the card limit.

Online shopping can be done with a Good Finance credit card. Customers who request can also close their credit cards for internet shopping.

How To Get Good Finance Credit Card

How To Get Good Finance Credit Card

Customers who want to apply for Good Finance credit cards instantly must submit applications through the website of Good Credit Good Finance service or become a Good Finance customer. When Good Finance customers log in to the internet or mobile branch, they can see that the credit card tab has been added to the application and that there is a button to which they can submit an application when logged in to this tab.

Made credit card applications are evaluated and concluded in a very short time. For more information about the application process, we can visit this section of Good Finance Credit Card Application.

When students submit their credit card applications, they must also add their student ID cards to the application form. Otherwise, standard evaluations will be made and the application will be answered negatively.

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